My Passion

My Passion 

Jesus Culture Music released its newest EP recording, My Passion, to digital
retailers this week.
Without any traditional marketing and radio support, the recording quickly became the No 8 best-selling album on the iTunes Top Albums chart, while hitting the No 1 position on its Christian albums chart.
The EP also found significant digital sales success worldwide, reaching the iTunes No 2 overall albums position in Australia and No 44 in England.
Recorded live at a Jesus Culture Conference in Las Vegas in April 2010, the EP features Kim Walker-Smith, who was named this year by Charisma magazine as one of 21 “Emerging Leaders of Tomorrow’s Church”, and Chris Quilala, who recently appeared on The 700 Club, leading three original worship songs: You Are My Passion, Kingdom and Show Me Your Glory.
The answer may be best summarised by the 5-star rating and 210 reviews posted so far by fans of Jesus Culture Music on iTunes. One reviewer writes, “Once Again JesusCulture sets the bar for where worship music should be. They are relevant to this generation and the sounds they produce are truly changing the atmosphere!”
Featuring almost 25-minutes of music, the first track on My Passion, “You Are My Passion,” is being offered by Jesus Culture for free
Jesus Culture Music exists to ignite revival in the nations of the earth, compelling the Body of Christ to radically abandon itself to a lifestyle of worship, motivated by a passion to see God receive the glory that is due His name.
In addition to Quilala and Walker-Smith, Jesus Culture includes solo artists Jake Hamilton, Kristene Mueller and Heather Clark. Selling hundreds of thousands of recordings spanning seven full-length albums and CD/DVD combinations to primarily an international audience through online outlets and at events, Kingsway will for the first time bring Jesus Culture Music to physical retail throughout the USA into both Christian and general market stores with distribution by EMI CMG.
In addition to its recordings, Jesus Culture holds conferences led by Banning Liebscher, Jesus Culture director, and its team of worshippers travelling across the USA and beyond. Upcoming conferences will be held in Atlanta July 14-16 and in Jesus Culture’s hometown of Redding, California July 28-30, where the next CD/DVD will be recorded and is scheduled to be released by Kingsway in November. Other upcoming albums include Heather Clark’s Overcome, which releases in July.

Album Details :
Track List :
01 You Are My Passion02 Kingdom03 Show Me Your Glory
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