Britt Nicole - Acoustic - 2010

Britt Nicole - Acoustic - 2010

The disc is making an impact on listeners as it has already placed in the Top 5 on iTunes Christian & Gospel album chart and is delivering enthusiastic reviews from critics all over, including Jesusfreakhideout, Gospel Music Channel and more.
Hailing from Salisbury, North Carolina, pop-rock artist Britt Nicole burst onto the Christian music scene in 2007 with her Sparrow Records debut, Say It.
The finely crafted pop collection produced 3 Top 10 radio singles “You”, “Set the World on Fire”, and “Believe”, while earning Britt a slot on “The Winter Jam 2007 Tour” and Superchick’s spring 2008 “Cross The Line Tour”.
Her songs have been featured on LucasArt’s Thrillville 2 video game, “Legally Blonde 3” DVD, MTV’s “The Hills,” and most recently heard during three episodes of NBC’s The Biggest Loser and featured on the soundtrack for new family friendly film “Ice Castles.”
In addition, Britt’s “Welcome to the Show” will be heard on televisions across the country during ABC Family’s “Campus Crush” promo, highlighting the ir TV shows series and original movies. Britt’s sophomore project, The Lost Get Found, (August 11, 2009) produced by Robert Marvin (Mat Kearney, tobyMac) and Dan Muckala (Brandon Heath, Backstreet Boys), debuted at No 1 on the Billboard Top Christian Albums chart, No 62 on the Billboard 200, went straight to No 1 on iTunes’ Christian/Gospel Top Albums chart, and peaked in the Top 10 on iTunes Top 100 albums chart.
Album Details:
Year: August 24, 2010

Artist: Britt Nicole

Album: Acoustic (EP)

Style: Christian / Contemporary / Pop

Label: EMI Christian Music Group

Quality: VBR~220kbps

Format: mp3

Size: 35mb

Track list: 

01 Hanging On (Acoustic)

02 Set The World On Fire (Acoustic)

03 Headphones (Acoustic)

04 Walk On The Water (Acoustic)

05 The Lost Get Found (Acoustic)

06 Found By You (Acoustic)

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