Newsboys - God's Not Dead (2011)

Newsboys - God's Not Dead (2011)

Newsboys have something they want to tell the world: God's not dead!
That's the title they've chosen for their latest album, released this week.
This time, front man Michael Tait and band mates Jeff Frankenstein (keys), Duncan Phillips (drums), and Jody Davis (guitars) put their Newsboys touch to some of the most popular modern worship anthems.
They include opening track “God’s Not Dead (Like A Lion)”, along with “Forever Reign” and “Revelation Song”.
But don't worry if you were hoping for something new. Five original tracks complete this project that's undoubtedly about so much more than a catchy sound.
Friedrich Nieztsche may have once proclaimed that "God is dead", but the Newsboys clearly beg to differ, and that's the message at the heart of this project.
As Newsboys’ friend and pastor Rice Broocks likes to say, “A funny thing happened on the way to the funeral.”
The belief that God is indeed alive is the truth Newsboys are amplifying.
“God’s not dead, let’s worship Him,” says Tait. “We serve a living God!”
Album Details:-
Artist: Newsboys 
Title Of Album: God's Not Dead
Year Of Release: Nov 2011
Quality: Mp3

Track List :-

1. The King Is Coming
2. God's Not Dead (Like A Lion)
3. Your Love Never Fails
4. Here We Stand
5. Savior Of The World
6. Forever Reign
7. More Than Enough
8. Revelation Song
9. Pouring It Out For You
10. Mighty To Save
11. All The Way
12. I Am Second

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  1. i love your guy's band because the faith of music help's my faith so much