Your Love Never Fails (jesus culture)

Your Love Never Fails
(jesus culture)

Jesus Culture Music exists to ignite revival in the nations of the earth. Our heart is to compel the Body of Christ to radically abandon itself to a lifestyle of worship, motivated by a passion to see God receive the glory that is due His name. We long for Jesus to be exalted in the nations and for His manifest presence to invade this world. Although we aspire for people to sing great worship songs, we are primarily committed to see them come into His presence through worship… to encounter His extravagant love and raw power.

Album Details :-

Category-  Rock/Pop Albums, Gospel CDs, Christian, Contemporary Christian Music, 

Mono/Stereo    Stereo
Producer        Jeremy Edwardson; Nathan Grubbs
Engineer    Jeremy Edwardson; Adam French

Release Date    Jul 13, 2010


Track Listing:

1. Your Love Never Fails 
2. Sing My Love 
3. King of Glory 
4. You Won't Relent 
5. Beautiful 
6. Happy Day 
7. I Exalt Thee 
8. Where You Go I Go 
9. All Consuming Fire 
10. Here Is My Heart

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