Tim Hughes Love Shine Through - (2011)

Tim Hughes Love Shine Through 

I like how Tim Hughes doesn’t release an album until he has a full album of tracks… in fact he doesn’t even go into the studio until he has a full album of songs. This is great for a number of reasons… the songs that he wants to capture on an album are usually well played, are usually well thought and are usually arranged well. So often you find albums that have a couple of great singles but the rest of the albums songs are just fillers, as artists feel the pressure of deadlines. Tim has thought about this in the iTunes age with people able to pick and choose the songs they want rather than having to buy the whole album… and I respect that stand… of quality on ALL tracks rather than quantity of average track from many albums… this is about God not about cash.

Album Details :-

Artist:        Tim Hughes
Album:      Love Shine Through
Label:         Kingsway (UK)/ EMI CMG (US)
Release Date:    April 19, 2011
Reviewer:  Eric Pettersson

Track Listing
  1. Counting on Your Name
  2. God Is Coming
  3. Never Stop Singing
  4. Saviour’s Song
  5. All Glory
  6. At Your Name (Forever)
  7. Jesus Saves
  8. Love Shine Through
  9. Keep the Faith
  10. Wake Up
  11. Ecclesiastes
  12. At Your Name

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