Laura Story ( Blessings ) 2011

Laura Story ( Blessings) 2011

Blessings is the latest Christian Acoustic Album written and sung by the American Christian Dove Award winner Singer and song writer Laura Story. This album was recorded under INO Records which released on April 12th, 2011.

Album Details :-

Album     Blessings

Artist      Laura Story

Release Date   
April 12, 2011

Genre :: 
Folk, Bluegrass, Acoustic

Tracklisting ::

01. This is the Day 
02. Friend of Sinners 
03. You Are Love 
04. What a Savior 
05. Blessings 
06. Your Name Will Be Praised 
07. One Life To Lose 
08. Prodigal Song 
09. Remember 
10. Faithful God

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