Rachael Lampa - All We Need

Rachael Lampa - All We Need

At 15, Rachael Lampa the wide-eyed vocal powerhouse captivated a nationwide audience with her debut appearance on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno and became an instant star in the Contemporary Christian Music world with her hit 2000 Word Records debut Live For You. Since then, the Dove Award winning performer has quickly blossomed into a visionary artist whose focus on her career is surpassed only by her ever-growing commitment to Christ. She took more creative control on her equally successful 2002 follow-up, Kaleidoscope, co-writing five songs and incorporating a widening range of influences, from Stevie Wonder and Lauryn Hill to U2. Even as "I'm All Yours," Kaleidoscope's third single, is scaling the Adult Contemporary and CHR radio charts, Rachael is ready to unveil the next exciting phase of her musical journey, the unique and progressive project, Blur.

Album Details :

List Price$13.98 (You save $2.80)
CategoryRock/Pop Albums, Gospel CDs, Christian, Contemporary Christian Music, Religion
Label220 Entertainment
Orig Year2011
Release DateNew Rachael Lampa CD release date Sep 27, 2011
ProducerChristopher Stevens; Dan Muckala; David Garcia; Marshall Altman; Jason Pennock
Recording Time45 minutes

Track List:
1 All We Need 
2 Remedy 
3 Savior's Face 
4 Beauty's Just A Word 
5 No Escape
6 Uncharted Territory 
7 Elevate 
8 My One and Only 
9 Run To You 
10 Feel 
11 Human (feat. Jonny Lang) 
12 Live For You (2011) 

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