Kristian Stanfill - Mountains Move

Kristian Stanfill - Mountains Move 2011

Kristian Stanfill is an American Christian rock singer-songwriter from Atlanta, Georgia. His 2011 album Mountains Move reached #64 on the Billboard 200.He is a worship leader involved with Passion Conferences and Passion City Church.

Album Details :

Artist:     Kristian Stanfill
Title:       Mountains Move
Genre:     Christian,Pop Rock
Release date:      2010
Audio codec:       MP3
Format:     tracks
Quality:    VBR 213-282 kbps
Time:        45 min

Track List :

1. Lord Almighty (3:54)
2. Day After Day (3:47)
3. Say, Say (3:17)
4. You Will Reign (4:33)
5. My Reward (4:30)
6. Like A Lion (5:07)
7. Always (4:24)
8. Holding My World (3:40)
9. Be With You Forever (3:42)
10. Over All The Earth (3:27)
11. We Glorify Your Name (4:56)

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