Fred Hammond Love Unstoppable

Fred Hammond 
 Love Unstoppable

Few figures on the contemporary gospel scene have commanded as much respect and admiration as Fred Hammond. The producer, vocalist, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and minister parlayed time as a member of the Winans and Commissioned into a successful solo career and gospel entertainment empire, along the way perfecting an energetic, spiritually-charged, cutting edge style that drew from funk, rock, disco, jazz fusion, and smooth R&B. The 2009 album LOVE UNSTOPPABLE delivers a mix of studio and live tracks which find Hammond refining his unique brand of urban praise and worship with uncommon variety and passionate faith. The raucous "Awesome God" and "They That Wait" are straight-up churchin' music featuring furiously foot-stomping grooves, while other tracks explore a variety of genres; the moody "Lost in you Again" veers into Seal/Peter Gabriel territory, while "Thoughts of Love" rides on a silky Latin groove reminiscent of Sade. Regardless of the musical setting, however, Hammond's anointed lyrics take center stage, summoning the faithful with music that is as joyous as it is sophisticated.

Album Details :
CategoryRock/Pop Albums, Contemporary Christian Music CDs, Contemporary Gospel, Gospel
Release DateSep 29, 2009
ProducerMichael Bethany; Fred Hammond; Ray Hammond

Track Listing:

  • Awesome God
  • Best Thing That Ever Happened
  • Find No Fault
  • Happy
  • I Know What He's Done
  • I Need You Right Away
  • Lord, How I Love You
  • Lost In You Again
  • Nobody Like You, Lord
  • Take My Hand
  • Thank You Prelude
  • They That Wait
  • Thoughts of Love
  • We Give You All the Praise
  • You're Good (Dios Es Bueno)
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