Casting Crowns - The Altar and The Door

Casting Crowns 
The Altar and The Door

With Casting Crowns' third studio outing, THE ALTAR AND THE DOOR, the Georgia-based Christian rock group reinforces its status as one of CCM's premiere acts. Led by passionate vocalist (and pastor) Mark Hall, the band specializes in accessible anthems that clearly address spiritual devotion, most notably on the amped-up opener, "What This World Needs," and the thoughtful piano ballad "East to West."

Album Details :

CategoryRock/Pop Albums, Gospel CDs, Christian, Contemporary Christian Music, Religion
Release DateAug 28, 2007
EngineerMichael Hewitt; Dale Oliver

Track Listing:
  1. What This World Needs
  2. Every Man
  3. Slow Fade
  4. East To West
  5. The Word Is Alive
  6. The Altar And The Door
  7. Somewhere In The Middle
  8. I Know Youre There
  9. Prayer For A Friend
  10. All Because Of Jesus
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