Danny gokey - My best days live

Danny Gokey - My best days live 

The debut Country album from the 8th season finalist of American Idol featuring the single "My Best Days are Ahead of Me". During his bid for the Idol title, Gokey impressed the judges with his vocal versatility, but it was his buoyant personality and perseverance in the face of adversity that earned Gokey a special place in the hearts of Idol devotees.

Album Details :

Artist:                          Danny Gokey
Title:                            My Best Days
Year Of Release:      2010
Genre:                         Country, Pop
Total Time
:               38:39 Min

Track Listing :
(01). My Best Days Are Ahead Of Me [3:07]
(02). Like That's A Bad Thing [3:28]
(03). I Still Believe [4:07]
(04). Tiny Life [3:51]
(05). Get Away [4:04]
(06). It's Only [4:56]
(07). Life On Ya [3:16]
(08). Crazy Not To [3:56]
(09). Be Somebody [4:03]
(10). I Will Not Say Goodbye [3:53]

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