The Reason Why God Gave Us the Law

The Reason Why God Gave Us the Law 
                                               PAUL C. JONG

What was the reason that God gave us the Law? It was to make us realize our sins and return to Him. He gave us the 613 articles of the Law so that we could recognize our sins and be redeemed through Jesus Christ. That’s why God gave us the Law.
Romans 3:20 states, “By the law is the knowledge of sin.” Therefore, we know that God’s reason for giving us the Law was not to force us to live by it. Then, what is the knowledge we gain from the Law? It is that we are too weak to completely obey the Law in its entirety and that we are grave sinners before Him. What do we realize from the 613 articles of His Law? We realize our shortcomings and inability to live by His Law. We recognize that we, the creations of God, are impotent beings, as well as grave sinners before Him. We should all end up in hell according to His Law. When we realize our sins and the inability to live by
His Law, then what do we do? Do we try to become complete beings? No. We must admit that we are sinners, believe in Jesus, be redeemed through His salvation of the water and the Spirit and thank Him.
                       The reason He gave us the Law was to make us acknowledge our sins and know the punishments forthose sins. Hence, we would recognize the impossibility of being saved from hell without Jesus. If we believe in Jesus as our Savior, we will be redeemed. He gave us the Law to lead us to the Savior Jesus. God created the Law to make us realize how completely sinful we are and to save our souls from such sin. He gave us the Law and sent His only begotten Son, Jesus, to save us by taking all our sins through His baptism. Believing in Him can save us. We are hopeless sinners who must believe in Jesus mto be freed from sin, become His children and return all the glory to God. We should understand, think and judge through His Word because everything originates from Him. We must also comprehend the truth of redemption through His Word. This is the right and true faith.


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