Rachael Lampa - Human

Rachael Lampa - Human  

The highly anticipated fourth album from Rachael Lampa. Features "Avalanche" and the title track featuring Johnny Lang. 
Rachael Maureen Lampa is an American contemporary Christian pop singer, born January 8, 1985 in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

She’s been singing since she was a toddler, and was able to sing perfect harmony by age four. Singing too loud at the dinner table got her sent to her room more than once. At the age of 14,
 Rachael was discovered at a music conference in Colorado by Word Records producers Brown Bannister and Brent Bourgeois. Her debut album, Live For You released a year later in 2000.

Track List :
1) Human Intro

2) Loving You

3) Mr Somebody Else

4) Avalanche

5) All The Way Down

6) Close To The Sun

7) Human (Featuring Johnny Lang) 

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