Heaven and Earth

Heaven and Earth

Award winning CCM singer/songwriter Phil Wickham's third full-length album continues in the tradition of the California native's previous two releases, offering listeners more of his signature, faith-based blend of atmospheric, Coldplay-inspired Brit-pop and soaring, radio-ready adult alternative rock. Bolstered by the singles "Eden" and "Safe" (the latter is a duet with fellow CCM rocker Bart Millard from MercyMe), Heaven & Earth cements Wickham's reputation as one of contemporary gospel's most original voices, and the perfect tonic for those who feel that modern CCM lacks the artistry of its muse. ~ James Christopher Monger

Album Details :
CategoryRock/Pop Albums, Gospel CDs, Christian, Contemporary Christian Music, Religion
Release DateNov 17, 2009
ProducerPeter Kipley
EngineerPeter Kipley; Peter Corbin
PersonnelLondon Symphony Orchestra - strings, drums
Phil Wickham - vocals, guitar, piano

Track List :
1LISTENEden 3:16
2LISTENComing Alive 3:44
3LISTENHeaven & Earth 3:49
4LISTENThe Time is Now 4:33
5LISTENHold On 3:33
6LISTENSafe 3:40
7LISTENI'll Always Love You 3:47
8LISTENIn Your City 4:16
9LISTENYour Arrival 3:43
10LISTENBecause of Your Love 4:32
11LISTENCielo 5:02
12LISTENHeaven Song 4:04

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