A Women’s Bible study on God’s love

A Women’s Bible study on God’s love
Gini Crawford MSW

Dearest Ladies,

When I first decided to do this study on God's love some years back, I was going
to look up every Bible verse on love and go from there. However the Holy Spirit
made it very clear to me to write about God and what He has done for us. This is
because God’s actions scream of His love for us!
In reality true love, which is God’s love, doesn’t depend on what a person does or
who she is but on the one loving. In this study I felt getting to know the One who
loves us so very much and His actions of love towards us was a must. So the
purpose of this study on God’s love is to enable you to get to know Him and His
acts of love. One of the ways we will do this is to study God’s characteristics.
Why is it so important as a Christian, to truly know God and His love? It is
because God asks you to have faith in Him and love Him. And how can you
possibly trust in and love someone whom you don’t know? God also asks you to
believe that He loves you so very much! And how can you believe that He loves
you if you don’t know that He does? As Christians, the more we get to know God
and comprehend His love through His Word and what He has done for us, the more
passionately we will want to trust and love Him. In reality the more we trust and
love God, the stronger and more mature Christians we will be.
As you will see in this study the foundation of God’s love is Jesus Christ! So you
will study Jesus Christ and what He has done for you. You will hear about His love
starting before eternity past, how He created you to love you, how His love stood
unyielding even after the first sin, and how and why He was born, lived and died
for you. You will understand why He pursued and loved you to be His. You will
see that He died for you when you were His enemy. You will learn how His love
gave you eternal life and made you His Bride. You will hear how and why He
redeemed you from slavery to sin to make you His Father’s beloved daughter.
Rejoice ladies, you are truly His loved princesses!

Because of God’s lovel, Gini


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