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Jesus Culture Muzic

Jesus Culture is a Christian youth outreach ministry that hosts three conferences in Redding, 

California every year, as well as in Atlanta, Las Vegas, Dallas, Cleveland and Australia and 

England. The conferences bring thousands of young people from around the world to the host 


Album Details:-

CategoryRock/Pop Albums, Gospel CDs, Christian, Contemporary Christian Music, Religion
Orig Year2010
All Time Product Rank286,976
Release DateJul 13, 2010
ProducerJeremy Edwardson; Nathan Grubbs
EngineerJeremy Edwardson; Adam French
Recording Time74 minutes
PersonnelJeffrey Kunde - guitar, piano
Chris Quilala - guitar
Ian McIntosh - Fender Rhodes piano, keyboards, loops
Josh Fisher - drums
Luke Hogg - percussion
Marie Stankiewich - cello
Martin Rosenhoff
Sylvia Bartel - violin

Track List:-

1.  Heaven Is Here
2.  Burning Ones
3.  Holding Nothing Back
4.  Revelation Song
5.  Dance With Me
6.  Light of Your Face
7.  Holy
8.  You Are Faithful
9.  Oh Lord You’re Beautiful
10. Obsession
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