Chris August No Far Away

Chris August No Far Away-2010 

A self-taught pianist, guitarist and producer, Chris August has played with and opened for some of the biggest names in pop music, including Ashlee Simpson. Now focused on his solo career, Chris offers songs about his faith, relationships, hope and heartache. Standout tracks include "Starry Night," "Want to Be Real" and "Canyons

Album Details:-

Album      No Far Away

Artist       Chris August

Release Date     
August 24th, 2010

Genre       Pop, Indie, Folk

Label       Fervent Records

Location       Franklin, TN

Track Listing:-

1. You And I
2. Battle
3. Starry Night
4. 7×70
5. Want To Be Real
6. No Far Away
7. Loving You Is Easy
8. I’m Gonna Sing
9. It’s Always Been You
10. Winter Time
11. Canyons (Beautiful Noise)

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