Brian Doerksen-2011- Level Ground

Brian Doerksen (2011) Level Ground

Award-winning Canadian worship leader/songwriter, Brian Doerksen, recently released his latest CD/DVD worship project, entitled Level Ground

You can find the complete song list below:
1. Welcome To The Place Of Level Ground (written by Doerksen, Paul Baloche)
2. The Jesus Way (written by Doerksen, Steve Mitchinson)
3. Lifelong Passion (written by Ali Berry)
4. Enter The Rest Of God (written by Doerksen)
5. Everything/God In My Living (written by Tim Hughes)
6. Will You Love Me In The Winter (written by Doerksen)
7. Here Is Love with Give Thanks (written by William Rees, Robert Lowry and Henry Smith)
8. No Condemnation (written by Doerksen, Janz)
9. Giver Of Life (written by Doerksen, Mitchinson)
10. Altar Of Love (written by Doerksen, Mitchinson, Janz)
11. Whatever Comes (written by Doerksen, Mitchinson)
12. Thank You For The Cross (writers Doerksen, Kathryn Scott)
13. First (written by Doerksen)


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