Did Adam really live to be 930 years old?

Adam, the first man, could have lived forever(Genesis 3:22). But he sinned by disobeying God and brought death upon himself and all humankind.
However, when God created Adam it was before modern diseases had taken hold, so Adam didn't have the harmful health problems we have today (mutant genes, illnesses, and so on).
In fact, all the early people lived long lives, with Methuselah living longer than Adam (969 years).
Life spans gradually decreased as illnesses and mutations accumulated, until they reached today's average of about 70 years.
Another reason for such good health at that time may have been that the whole world's temperature seems to have been sub-tropical to temperate. There is evidence of this because even under the ice in Antarctica and Alaska lush forests and warm-climate trees are known to have once grown.
Adam's 930 years were real years, not just months as some suggest. If they were months, then Mahalaleel, who in Genesis 5:15 had his first son at 65 years, and Enoch, who became the father of Methuselah also at 65 years (Genesis 5:21), would have been fathers when they were only five years old!


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