How to Find Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ

Finding Faith in the Lord Jesus can be difficult for some people because they don't know how to get started. They often don't realize that merely by starting they have shown the beginnings of faith. Wanting to believe is the first step. After the first step toward faith is taken, it can be nurtured until it grows into an adult faith in the Lord Jesus. Sometimes it is helpful to have a tangible object in hand for prayer. While the Rosary is considered Catholic, it is acceptable for all Christians to use it to help focus prayer.

Here are some tips on-How to Find Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ

Step-1:Read the Bible. Reading the Bible will give you the background information you need as well as deepening your   understanding of the life and times of Jesus.

Step-2:Ask God to give you faith. This request is very important. It opens your mind and heart to being receptive to what you read in the Bible as well as how you handle your daily life.

Step-3:Pray often. Something as simple as "God, help me to believe in you, please grant me faith" is often all that is necessary to begin developing your faith in Jesus.

Step-4:Attend Church frequently. Within Christianity, there are 3 main branches, Orthodoxy, Roman Catholicism and Protestantism. Find a church where you feel comfortable. Being with like-minded people will help you find deeper faith.

Step-5:Avoid places and people detrimental to your faith. Anything that denigrates your faith or puts you on the defensive about your beliefs should be avoided as much as possible.

Step-6:Get involved with groups and people that share your beliefs. Being with people who are also looking to deepen their faith will help you to increase your own. It will also help you clarify what you believe and why you believe it.

Step-7:Speak to a priest or minister about your faith. He may have suggestions for developing your faith, he will be able to encourage you and he will certainly pray with you.  


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  2. thank you eliana may God bless you